Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation

Have you seen the e-card going around on facebook.... the one where it says "no, son.... your teacher doesn't want a letter made out of crayons for Teacher Appreciation week.... she wants a gift card to......(it goes on but I will stop...). Anyway, I had to laugh at that one. I haven't made one of those initial crayon art things, (yet!!!!) but I do make my own stuff for people. Being a teacher, I know and understand how important those handmade gifts are. Sure, gift cards are nice, but something made from the heart is even better. This year I let the kids pick out gifts for their teachers, and then I am making a crafty something and a yummy something for them. These crafty things aren't "teacher-y" but they will match their personalities. My kids have been extremely fortunate to get GREAT teachers, I am so thankful for them. I just want them to know how much they are appreciated....not just this week.... but forever.

So here is what I made for B's preschool teacher. This fits in with her backyard pool and decor. :)
This is the LARGEST wreath I've ever made. That is a 36" door, and the wreath is 46" at it's widest point. Good thing it's "smooshable" if it doesn't fit her door! :)

E's first grade teacher's gift will be posted later. I haven't started it yet. LOL!

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