Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hey! I made some MORE wreaths!

I'm seriously running out of doors to display my creations. So I've started selling some. So sad to see them go, but so happy other people can enjoy them!

Some of these were client orders, some were just created for fun. Most are for sale. If you want to copy my design and make one yourself, go right ahead! Have fun crafting, and thanks for checking out my blog! Please go and "like" my page on Facebook.... :)

Craft Day

So I've started hosting a "Craft Day" once a month at my house. We've made just a little bit of everything, getting *most* but not all of the ideas from Pinterest.

We've accomplished a lot in 7 months, some months having 2 craft days. Here's what we've been up to!
Canvas board.
Fun and cute clipboard!
Back of clipboard.
Hand-stitched turkey, so cute. :)
Coffee filters! Really easy, but VERY time consuming.
The other side of these blocks spell out "SUMMER," but I didn't take a picture of that side! Oops.
We've also made cake plates out of terra cotta garden pots, but I haven't been able to find that picture lately. I'll get it on here another time, as I've had many requests to do the craft again!

Coming up next month we have more 2x4 crafts on tap. A snowman, and a countdown to Christmas block set! Can't wait to get our craft on!