Monday, April 29, 2013

Wood Signs

Remember those growth charts I made? Well, DS's, the orange painted one, turned out AMAZINGLY beautiful. I mean, beeeee-uuuuuu-tiful. So here is how my mind works. (We live in a very small town, where there are two seasons. Scrapper Football (high school) season, and the off season. Very similar to the show/movie "Friday Night Lights.") So I *love* this rustic look, and my mind is reeling. I could make signs! Scrapper signs! Wow! They would be awesome! So out of my idea, here is what I created.
(Nice popcorn ceiling, right?)

This sign is 5' long. I made the first one for my house, but my DH stole really liked it, and took it to his classroom thought I made it for his classroom. He was wrong. Although it did turn out to be a good thing he has it displayed in his room, because two people he works with placed an order for their own! What the WHAT? Whoo hoooo!!! So I started out just making one, and in less than a month, I've made 5, with an order for one more!

Dream Come True!

I could go on and on about my dreams, realities, hopes, blah blah blah... but I'm going to cut to the chase. Crafting is more than just a hobby for me. Crafting is my outlet. It is my therapy. It is ME. I started when I was young, I'd say seriously started in college. I started making things for my "future" classroom. I found I was pretty good at it, but didn't do much with it. Fast forward about 5 years. I was living in St. Louis, and found myself to be among some very crafty friends, one in particular. (Shout out to my crafty friend Kim! Love you girl!) She and I dabbled in this and that, and I drug her along with me to one of my favorite stores....Hobby Lobby! Fast forward another couple years, and I found myself living in Milwaukee, with no super crafty friends (love to Christina, but she'd agree with me) and the closest Hobby Lobby was 45 minutes away. Gasp! Don't think for a second I didn't make that trip a couple times a month though! Along about then I came across the Jo-ANN super store... hello fabulous! There were some Michael's in the area, too. I can't leave that great store out! Fast forward to my baby girl being born. Hello Scrap Booking! I started in 2006 and haven't stopped since. 2008 came, my baby boy was born, so multitasking and two different children's scrapbooks were on deck... but I learned how to balance it all! Then in 2010 I really started getting into other crafts, wreath making, painting, painting signs, hair bows, etc. Thus, in 2012, "The Crafty Apple" was born. In these many moves and crazy times, I had a craft room here and there, but never my "DREAM" craft room. Until now. We are in our dream house, dream location, and I now have my dream room. I'm so blessed! Here is the official unveiling of where my crafty magic happens. Introducing...... my Craft room!