Thursday, September 6, 2012


I've always loved these colors, but could NOT bring myself to decorate with them for Christmas. So the other day while at my favorite store, I had a brainstorm. I could make a wreath...... and hang it up all year..... oh yeah. Here it is!
Oh my goodness I love this wreath! DH thinks it's *swanky,* DBS and DD love it, and DS really didn't care. Typical of a 4 year old boy.... here it is up close. These shots are fun to take!
I currently have 3 large wreaths on display at home. Gee, I think my family loves me. I'm always coming up with new stuff, which means our great room is in constant state of chaos. My stuff is everywhere.....!

Growth Charts

When DD was 3 and DS was 1, I went to Michael's and bought those little wooden animals for a "project" I was going to make. A growth chart for each of them. Sure, I had measured how much they'd grown on the door trim, BUT, since we were already in the second house since they'd been born, and I knew we wouldn't be in that house forever, I needed to make a "portable" growth chart. So I purchased all the parts needed except for the lumber, and they sat in a bag for 3 years. Fast forward to now, a new house under our belts, DBS in our lives, and a Pinterest addiction, where I saw a growth chart that I liked..... "Hey! Wait a minute! I have those shapes.....somewhere....." Guess what?!?!! I found them! So a quick trip to the lumber store, a quick pick up of soccer and baseballs....and BOOM! I was ready to start. Here are my first growth charts.
Princess, Trucks and Sports....
Which I posted on Facebook, and then a friend contact me to make some for her! Even though I had to ship them out of state. Whoo hoo!
Two matching charts for boy cousins!
Guess what? I had another friend contact me to make one for her son, too! I am so excited! (I love the way this one turned out. It will match his nursery, which is "woodland" themed. I love the original rustic look of the wood, enhanced by the painting!)
Rustic Woodland
That same friend saw some signs in a store and asked me to make some like it...
"I can at ____" signs!

These signs are both 5 feet long. She told me the colors, and away I went! I'm having so much fun with all this stuff!

Stop the Presses!

I just read a blog from a post on Pinterest that I can identify with. Read it for yourself: Well, I used to feel that way. It does get easier, in a way, as your children get older. BUT I still catch myself feeling this way. Sure, I have crud on my counters. I have a dishwasher filled with clean dishes, and a sink filled with dirty ones. I have work to do. I have laundry to do. I have a house that needs to be painted on the outside, that I started last fall. (For the record, I finished painting the two most viewable sides last winter, and we just cut out the major "bother" (read:big weed of a tree) on the third "kinda" viewable side of the house. The backside of the house is 1/2 painted..... you get my point, right?) I'm a momma who has a lot to do. I feel that I NEVER get anything finished. Or started for that matter. Of course I make sure the family is fed, clean, clothed, and my house is sorta presentable. But I'm not perfect. I still have dirty dishes, cats that need to be brushed, rooms that need to be dusted (I just noticed a piggy bank in the playroom that has fur! (Needs to be dusted.... then I guess cat hair attached to the dust??!?!?!?!) I have floors that need to be mopped, rooms that need to be vacuumed, oh my. But I'm also taking time for myself, by making my crafts. They are my outlet. They are my therapy. They are my release. If I didn't take the time to do them, I'd go nuts. Believe me, I know this. I've suffered with major depression because I tried to be the perfect mother and wife. Guess what? It didn't work, and I refuse to do that to MYSELF again. So when you see my creations I post, please don't think for a minute that you don't have the time to do something like this. You do. You just have to take time for yourself to get them done. The dishes can wait. :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Scrapper Stuff

Cheer Boards! Any team, any color, and personalized!

6"x6" ceramic tile trivet.

Scrapper wreath #1

Scrapper wreath #2

Mardi Gras wreath

This is my newest creation! A friend of mine from high school contacted me with a special request. She sent me a picture of her Christmas tree, which is Mardi Gras themed, and from that picture I came up with this coordinating wreath! It is so bright and colorful, these pictures do NOT do it justice. It's like a party in a wreath! So much fun!

Yep, I did it again!

I started another blog. Just for my crafty creations.

So I'm in the crafting business. I'm in the crafting business. Um, I'M IN THE CRAFTING BUSINESS!!!! My hobby has turned profitable! (Well, kind of.) :) I'm pretty proud of these creations. Don't worry, I have plenty of duds too. I won't post pictures of those. At least not right now. :) Please bear with me as I get take the time to get my pictures uploaded, it takes time, and my spare time is pretty full right now....crafting, of course!