Thursday, September 12, 2013


6 weeks ago I fell and blew out my ACL. You know, like those athletes do? I am a certainly not even close to an athlete, I'm a momma. I'm a crafter. I'm a crafty momma who was simply walking to the track for some football and track fun with the family.

Then it happened. Completely hyper-extended my left knee, tore my ACL and I was down.

It took 4 weeks to be able to get back to the craft room comfortably. I'm now 6 weeks into the injury, and have a long way to go still, but am happy to report I can craft again! Just not sit criss cross applesauce like I used to. My left leg doesn't go, 'yo.

Anyway, I'm back up and running (Mentally, not physically. I wish!) and turning out crafts at a pretty steady rate. Only because I have my first festival this weekend. ;-)

Let me know if you want or need something! Christmas isn't far away! :)

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