Thursday, September 6, 2012

Growth Charts

When DD was 3 and DS was 1, I went to Michael's and bought those little wooden animals for a "project" I was going to make. A growth chart for each of them. Sure, I had measured how much they'd grown on the door trim, BUT, since we were already in the second house since they'd been born, and I knew we wouldn't be in that house forever, I needed to make a "portable" growth chart. So I purchased all the parts needed except for the lumber, and they sat in a bag for 3 years. Fast forward to now, a new house under our belts, DBS in our lives, and a Pinterest addiction, where I saw a growth chart that I liked..... "Hey! Wait a minute! I have those shapes.....somewhere....." Guess what?!?!! I found them! So a quick trip to the lumber store, a quick pick up of soccer and baseballs....and BOOM! I was ready to start. Here are my first growth charts.
Princess, Trucks and Sports....
Which I posted on Facebook, and then a friend contact me to make some for her! Even though I had to ship them out of state. Whoo hoo!
Two matching charts for boy cousins!
Guess what? I had another friend contact me to make one for her son, too! I am so excited! (I love the way this one turned out. It will match his nursery, which is "woodland" themed. I love the original rustic look of the wood, enhanced by the painting!)
Rustic Woodland
That same friend saw some signs in a store and asked me to make some like it...
"I can at ____" signs!

These signs are both 5 feet long. She told me the colors, and away I went! I'm having so much fun with all this stuff!

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