Saturday, June 15, 2013


So I came across this idea on Pinterest. (Go figure!) So the kids and I headed out, bought some 12x12 stepping stones at Wal-Mart (cheap!!!!), some paint, already had some varnish... and away we went!

Each of my kids painted two stones, and I painted the rest. B painted 4&5, E painted 7&8, and K painted 10&2. Then I went over all of the numbers with white paint, outlined with black paint, coated with varnish, and there they sat. For literally a week. Why? Because it rained. And rained. And rained. I couldn't get them in the ground because it was complete mud mess in the area I wanted to put them! (Okay, just where the number 10 goes.... but that was a good enough excuse to put off digging in all that dirt and ground.... for a week, anyway.)

Once it stopped raining, I went outside to assess the damage. Guess what? NO HARM DONE!!! The varnish worked! (The stones were slick as snot when wet, but not an issue when dry.)
This, my friend, is HUMIDITY.

So here is the finished product. Amazing, huh!?!?!? Thanks for the idea, Pinterest!

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