Monday, April 29, 2013

Wood Signs

Remember those growth charts I made? Well, DS's, the orange painted one, turned out AMAZINGLY beautiful. I mean, beeeee-uuuuuu-tiful. So here is how my mind works. (We live in a very small town, where there are two seasons. Scrapper Football (high school) season, and the off season. Very similar to the show/movie "Friday Night Lights.") So I *love* this rustic look, and my mind is reeling. I could make signs! Scrapper signs! Wow! They would be awesome! So out of my idea, here is what I created.
(Nice popcorn ceiling, right?)

This sign is 5' long. I made the first one for my house, but my DH stole really liked it, and took it to his classroom thought I made it for his classroom. He was wrong. Although it did turn out to be a good thing he has it displayed in his room, because two people he works with placed an order for their own! What the WHAT? Whoo hoooo!!! So I started out just making one, and in less than a month, I've made 5, with an order for one more!

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